Online Data Backup: Secure, Simple, Affordable

Running a business is hard enough without having to focus on IT problems too. KeepItSafe Online Backup makes managing IT simple, automatically backing up your business data at predetermined intervals and transmitting them securely offsite for long-term safekeeping, perpetual compliance, and instant retrieval.

KeepItSafe Online Backup gives you the confidence of knowing that your information is always there when you need it. And always there when you don't.

Immediate Benefits

  • Automated backup.

    Saves time and eliminates manual backup hassles.

  • Fully managed and monitored.

    Means you can focus less on IT and more on mission-critical tasks.

  • Redundant backup systems.

    Ensure you'll never lose another file again.

  • Highest encryption standards.

    Mean secure data transmission and total peace of mind.

Why KeepItSafe Online Backup?

  • Save money.

    Best value dollar-for-dollar on the market.

  • Best customer service.

    Proactive problem solving and customer alerts 24/7.

  • Peace of mind.

    Data 100% secure and private.