Magnetic tape has been the data-storage medium of choice since IBM released the first tape drive in 1953. Today, however, when compared to the backup and recovery alternatives available via the cloud, tape backup actually increases the risk of data loss.

The reason is human error - forget to make one copy of one tape and suddenly your off-site archive is incomplete. Plus, physically moving tape backups off-site increases the risk of security and compliance violations.

KeepItSafe's automatic, scheduled online backup gets your data off-site safely, eliminating the potential for human error and promoting faster and timelier disaster recovery with less data loss.

Data backup and recovery are a business necessity. Now, thanks to KeepItSafe, the hassle is not. Get the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about data security again.

KeepItSafe features include:

  • Automated, scheduled online backups.

  • Off-site storage in multiple data centres.

  • Recover lost files fast via desktop software or Web-based interface.

  • Multiple retention periods let you recover lost data to a specific moment in the past.

  • Files encrypted in transit and at rest.