Automated Online Data Backup and Recovery

KeepItSafe's large-enterprise backup solution simplifies data backup, recovery, and archiving by automating the process of moving your data off-site and securing it within multiple data centers using the highest level of encryption standards available.

And as one of the few companies in the world with ISO 27001 certification, KeepItSafe Online Backup gives you the confidence of knowing your data is always secure and capable of being restored to your server with the click of a mouse.

Features & Benefits

  • Centralized online backups to multiple data centers.

    Eliminates hassle and ensures data security.

  • Supports all operating systems, including SQL Server and Exchange.

    Data recovery within seconds.

  • Data managed, monitored, and configured according to world-class ISO standards.

    Eliminates hardware and IT infrastructure costs.

  • Free installation and configuration by KeepItSafe.

    Frees you to focus on mission-critical tasks.

  • Automated, scalable backup.

    Eliminates manual administration.

  • Highest level of encryption available.

    Secures your business data.

Why KeepItSafe Online Backup?

  • It's more efficient.

    Eliminates need for tape backup, frees IT department from maintenance headaches.

  • Cost-effective.

    Best total-cost-of-ownership solution on the market.

  • Restore files from anywhere.

    Restore lost data from anywhere on earth via our secure Web portal.